Spurt Intermediate Racer R3 Senior Clear Coral


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Spurt coral INTERMEDIATE RACER goggles with a clear lens.
The clear lens goggles are better for an indoor swimming pool or for the outdoors when visibility and weather conditions are not ideal.

Racing or training goggles with smaller eye gaskets for a fit that sits inside the eye sockets.

We call this our INTERMEDIATE RACER as the fit is usually ideal for an intermediate swimmer – it fits well on a younger swimmer who has outgrown our junior range and fills the gap between our classic Junior and Senior fit.

With UV Protection and Anti-fog coating, the INTERMEDIATE RACER goggle has smaller eye gaskets that seal around the eyes incredibly well.
The nose pieces are adjustable and have 4 size options and the goggles have a replaceable strap that adjusts at the back of the head.

Available in a variety of single or multi coloured colour options, these goggles also have the option of mirror and non-mirror lenses. The mirror lenses are also further differentiated between light and dark tints to accommodate for different training or racing arenas. If you are training or racing outdoors, look at the medium and dark mirror lenses and if you are training indoors, your visibility will be enhanced by selecting a light mirror lens or a completely clear lens.


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