Speedo Fit Printed Splice Jammer Endurance+


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The correct posture in the water saves you a lot of energy during aqua fitness, swimming training and swimming laps. The Speedo Fit Printed Splice Jammers are designed to encourage a horizontal body position in the water so you can get more out of your swimming sessions. The compression panels on the thighs and the stability seams support your muscle groups in the lower body and upper legs and guide your body to a more efficient and healthier posture through body positioning.

Top performance is even easier to achieve in top materials, which is why Speedo has used the exclusive Endurance + terry cloth for these swimming shorts. The multi-directional stretch fabric gives you unhindered freedom of movement, a smooth and sleek profile with little water resistance, superior absolute chlorine resistance that prevents loss of shape and color, and protection against the sun’s UV rays. The result is super-durable water shorts that will last countless swims. This way you get the most out of every visit to the pool.


  • Technique-enhancing – Stability seams, stimulates important muscle groups for optimal body position
  • Comfortable – design for extra support. Drawstring in the loins
  • Endurance + fabric – 100% chlorine resistant, quick drying and longer lasting
  • Very colourfast – Endurance + fabric is 20 times more colourfast than average swimwear
  • Freedom of movement – tear-resistant material with multi-directional stretch material for soft feel and wearing comfort
  • UV-a and UV-b protection – against the harmful effects of sunlight
  • Graphics – brightly colored flashy skewers that run from the back via the thighs along the power seams
  • Leg length – 44 cm
  • Material – 53% polyester / 47% polybutylene terephthalate

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