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Designed utilizing accurate 3D global head scanning data, Speedo Fastskin3 Super Elite Goggles deliver unparalleled accuracy of fit, leak resistance and comfort and redefine goggle aesthetics and technology.



  • With unique Dive Stream outer profile that improves the contours of the swimmer’s head, localised force is reduced by up to 63.4%, minimising the risk of goggle movement during a swim. The goggles also feature a Hydroscopic Lens that offers 180 degree peripheral vision.
  • Optimum comfort, wider peripheral vision and greater security during dives and turns. 2.2 % reduction in overall body drag force. A remarkable 63.4% force reduction on the goggle.
  • Intuitive IQ FIT technology: IQ markers to ensure the goggle is fitted correctly every time, this feature is patent pending and allow the swimmer to know he has his goggles fitted correctly giving more confidence off the blocks. The IQ Fit strap with graduated size markers on the strap, once you know your size in the Super Elite goggles you can adjust them perfectly every time even if you pick up a new pair just before a race, just adjust to your fit and you are ready and confident in your goggles.
  • The Speedo FastSkin Super Elite Goggles are FINA Approved.

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