Finis Water Snake Swim Belt



The Water Snake Swim Belt is a versatile tool for building speed, strength, and endurance.



Lane Gainer Competitive Swim Belt with 30′ tubing is used for resistance and speed-assisted swim training. The 30′ tube is design to stretch to 75′.

Length and tension of tether may be varied by adjusting the size of tubing loop below six hole guide. A reversing tether ring on the swimmer’s belt allows for directional changes without stopping. This is useful for IM training.

Resistance swims are great for strength work early in the season. Speed-assist swims are great for finding best streamline positions and for fast high turn-over swims (without full exertion) during taper.

Available in Blue tube resistance and Black tube resistance. Blue recommended for most high school programs. Black is used at elite high school and collegiate men’s programs.



  • A nylon ring which rotates tube tether from front to back of swimmer for quick easy turns. (30′ model only).
  • A patented, slideable guide which provides adjustable tubing lengths & variable resistance levels.
  • Reversing tether ring allows for quick directional changes.
  • Adjustable waist size 26″-36″.

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